Some of our best ideas come from our patients and in January 2012 we asked our patients to complete a questionnaire to find out our strengths and weaknesses and for feedback about areas of our clinic we could improve. We are thrilled with the results!

100% of those who took the time to complete the form said they would recommend us.

When asked to rate the service

56% of patients gave us 10 out of 10.
29% of patients gave us 9 out of 10
13% of patients gave us 8 out of 10
2% of patients gave us 7 out of 10.

85 % of patients rated us 9 out of 10 or above.

We asked

“What do the Physiotherapists do well?”

“Inspire confidence”
“Greet and treat as human beings”
“High level of expertise”
“Very comprehensive and thorough”
“Great advice aftercare”
“Clear instructions in an way which is easy to understand”

“What do reception and administration staff do well?”

“Customer service”
“Welcoming and efficient”
“Very helpful”
“Accommodating and flexible”
“The little extra touches”

What new patients said

“Very welcoming phone manner and greeting on arrival”
“Easy to organise an appointment”
“Good advice and treatment made me feel better”
“Great rapport with patients”
“Very friendly, knows exactly what the patient wants”
“Recognise that patients want to get back to sport as quickly as possible”
“Very patient focused; keeps you well informed as to their diagnosis and route they are pursuing to achieve a satisfactory result”

What returning patients said

“Draw on the experience of others in the practice to bring in fresh ideas plus opinions to a long standing problem”
“The personal touch-the feeling it is not about the money but what is best for the patient”
“You always get me back doing what I want to do. You are dedicated and focused on fixing the problem and not getting me back in”
“Warm welcome always-very friendly but efficient”
“Everything! Love the little thoughtful touches-sweets, flowers, mince pies!”

We are now looking to improve on some areas from our patients suggestions including interactive multimedia exercise websites, appointment reminders by text or email.

Client Testimonials

“I have used the services of Physiofocus for the last 2 years. The team have visited our premises and as such are familiar with our processes and conditions. This in turn ensures that the team provide us with bespoke solutions and advice for our plant.

Individual treatment plans for employees allow our staff to be supported through illness or injury. Regular dialogue and written reports from the team mean that we can implement any required adjustments or restrictions to best support our staff and our business needs.

Always friendly, approachable and professional, Physiofocus certainly add value to our business”

Occupational Health Professional, Large Stirling employer

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