Physiotherapy Treatments

Most of the treatments we use at Physiofocus are “hands on” manual therapy techniques. While we do have electrotherapy available we tend to use this in conjunction with hands on treatment.

Treatment techniques used at Physiofocus

• Soft tissue release techniques
• Myofacial release
• Trigger point therapy
• Joint mobilisation/manipulation
• Traction
• Muscle energy techniques
• Ultrasound
• Interferential and Faradic
• Acupuncture
• Massage
• Heat
• Exercises/stretches/strengthening
• Mobilisation of the nervous system

We have all specialised in slightly different areas of the body, injuries and conditions.

Please call if you require a specific type of treatment or have had a treatment which has previously worked elsewhere and we are happy to discuss who would be the best physiotherapist to treat you.

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