Your First Visit

What is likely to happen on my first visit?

The first visit usually lasts a minimum of 45 minutes depending how complex the problem is.

We will start by asking you some questions about the problem you are experiencing or the injury you have had. To be able to make an accurate diagnosis and then carry out treatment we need to know how and when the problem started, what aggravates the pain or symptoms and what kind of activities you are having problems with. It can be be helpful to write down any problems you may be experiencing, dates of injuries or aggravating factors before you come.

The physiotherapist will then carry out an examination explaining what he or she is doing as they are going along. All examinations are carried out in private rooms and we have shorts available if we need to examine hips or knee. You are also welcome to bring someone with you if you would prefer.

We believe the most important part of the initial assessment at Physiofocus is making sure you fully understand any diagnosis made and which tissues –joints, muscles, nerves – are involved. Following treatment the physiotherapists will try to explain the diagnosis using a range of anatomical models, charts and Primal Pictures, an anatomy software package to enable you to fully understand your injury or condition.

We will also discuss with you any activities which we think you should be avoiding which might be aggravating the condition and preventing healing. We are also big on homework! Any exercises given to you will be written down and explained.

In a nut shell the aim of the first visit is to try and diagnose the problem, carry out some treatment and for us to try and explain best we can what we think is wrong. We hope that you leave with a clearer idea of what is wrong and what you have to do to help restore normal function, whether that is to return to work or get back to tennis or gardening or simply hang out your washing.

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